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Bubble Soccer
Bubble soccer guarantees a lots of laughter and lots of bumping, you will be enjoying yourself so mush you will think your kid again, Once the whistle starts for the game, everbody flies straight in. There's a lot bummping, bouncing, rolling and laughing especially from the spectators.You and your friends will be laughing for days after.


             DJ Music & Karaoke System With Host $400 4 Hour Play Time

  • 4 Hours

  • DJ Host

  • 2 Qty Speakers That Sit On Tri-Pods

  • Karaoke Music System

  • TV Monitor 20"

  • 2 Wireless Microphones

  • Light System With Red, Blue, Green Flashing Lights

The latest radio edits of Alternative, Rock, Pop, AC, Country, Hip Hop, House, Urban and Dance twice a month. This is our most popular series, providing only the top new releases in every music genre.

DJs will find only chart-topping Hip Hop, Mainstream R&B, Rap and Reggae on this series. It�s the straight dope, with clean, edited versions

Questions To Ask Prospective DJ Companies

Are you thinking of hiring Disc Jockey Entertainment? The following are a few suggestions and informative questions you should ask any DJ company before you make your final decision.

Questions courtesy of the American Disc Jockey Association.

Does your Disc Jockey use professional equipment?

There is a difference between the audio equipment you have at home and the equipment a professional Disc Jockey uses. Professional audio equipment is built to go on the road day in and day out. Make sure your prospective choice uses only professional equipment to insure the musical selections are audible for all your guests' enjoyment.

Can your Disc Jockey provide a written contract and references from previous clients?

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date.

References are an important part of any business and your Disc Jockey should be able to provide you with names and addresses of satisfied clients.

Will your Disc Jockey be suitably dressed for the occasion?

It is important that your Disc Jockey looks the part by dressing in formal or semi-formal attire (your choice). Be sure to specify the type of apparel that your Disc Jockey should use. There should be no added fee charged for formal attire.

Does your Disc Jockey know the proper procedure and etiquette for your type of party?

A professional Disc Jockey will become involved with the planning of your special day and will be prepared to handle all announcements and special events on the day of your party.

Is your Disc Jockey willing to discuss musical selections ahead of time, and is he or she willing to play requests, particularly if they are suitable for dancing?

A professional Disc Jockey is aware that they cannot possibly know everything there is to know about your musical preferences and entertainment needs. They should be willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions. They should make themselves available prior to your party to discuss selections. They should be earnest in accepting the songs you have chosen to be played as well as those you have chosen not to be played. Special requests should never be a problem and your Disc Jockey should be willing to play them where they are appropriate.

Will your Disc Jockey arrive on time?

Punctuality is an ultimate necessity, and as professional business men and women they should be aware of their responsibilities to their clients. Normal time spent setting up and removing equipment is not a part of the hourly entertainment fee.

Can your Disc Jockey provide back up equipment and/or personnel in case of an emergency?

Even professional equipment can fail on occasion, so it is important to know whether your Disc Jockey has spare equipment and personnel available to them (some local ADJA chapters set up emergency networks for this purpose). Any number of circumstances may arise between the time you book your Disc Jockey and the date of the event. It is important to know if the Disc Jockey has a back up plan in case of illness or accident.

Booking a reliable Disc Jockey is a very important decision for the success of your function. Selecting a Disc Jockey who is an active member of the American Disc Jockey Association will provide you with the confidence that you have selected a trained professional.

          Disc Jockey Entertainers is proud to have met and surpassed the qualifications for membership  in the American Disc Jockey Association.

As association members, we pledge to...

  • Use only professional equipment suitable for the affair.

  • Be fully insured as per state & local regulations.

  • Provide a written agreement detailing your affair.

  • Provide references from previous customers upon request.

  • Be suitably dressed for the occasion. (There is never an added fee charged for formal attire).

  • Be willing to discuss music selections ahead of time and be willing to play requests (if found suitable for the affair).

  • Know the proper procedure and etiquette for the type of function.

  • Arrive on time. Punctuality is a necessity.

  • Be courteous, polite and respectful to clients, their guests and all those involved with a related affair.

  • Carry backup equipment. Your party will NEVER have to end early due to equipment failure.

  • Supply a replacement disc jockey in case of an emergency.


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