If you are starting an inflatable rental company, there are a few initial investments you

        will need to make. The most important investment you will make is on the inventory

                                                      How many units can I start with?

If you want to start your rental business gradually, then 3 units should be sufficient.
For about $5000 you can purchase 2 Jumpers, and 1 combo unit (Mini slide and Jumper). Waterslides

What kind of income is realistically possible?

 This all depends on how you market / advertise and manage your rental business. Companies make $15,000 to $200,000 +  per year.  A well run company could double their business every year for the first three to five years.

Is it possible to run this business out of my home on a part-time basis?

Yes, most people start at home renting on weekends until they have enough business to quit their job. Running the business part time could be very profitable.

Do I need any kind of special training to operate the inflatable?

You would need to learn the following
1) Transport the inflatable properly. 
2) Roll and unroll the inflatable properly.
3) Tie down the inflatable properly.
4) Clean and maintain the inflatable properly
5) Market your business in every form of Website, Family, Friends, Offer Up, Facebook, Instagram, TickTok

                                                                                    Is there a lot of competition?

It depends on what part of the country you are in, but most everyone that manage their business properly does very well.  There is lot less competition if you do Corporate events, Church events and specialty events. There is also a lot more money in these types of events. Big events and parties can bring you revenues of anywhere from $500 per event to $5,000 event.

What other things  should I buy if I want to rent to big events?

Mini Slides, giant slides, interactive games, climbing walls, dunk tank, small carnival rides, wax hand machines, popcorn machines, candy machines, table and chairs. 

How much, on average, do different items rent for?

It all depends on the part of the country you’re in below is a guideline.

Jumpers, $75 -  $200.

Water Slides from $200 - $300
Combos (Mini slide and Jumper) $ 125 -  $300 
Giant slides, $200 -  $400
Interactive games and Obstacle courses $300 - $600


                                                                      Are all inflatable manufacturers the same?

You must do your homework. There are many manufactures that have been around only a few years, so it is difficult to gauge what quality of products they sell.


                                                                  What is the life expectancy of an inflatable product?

We can only give you the life expectancy of our inflatables. If you take care of the inflatables we manufacture, they should last about five years to seven years.

Do I need rental liability insurance?

We recommend that all of our customers get insurance. There are many companies that underwrite specialty insurance.


                                                                         Welcome to the World of Entrepreneurship

Just imagine if “work” could be as enjoyable as “play”. Imagine a world where work can be something that you actually look forward to. I know the thought "buy bounce house", hmmm! However, Party Event and Rental Entrepreneurs everywhere are enjoying their work while generating tons of revenue. Stop working to put money into someone else’s pocket and start making money and having fun working in the entertainment industry.

Business Ownership in the Entertainment Industry

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, looking for a career change, unemployed, a recent graduate, or just anyone who has ever wanted to start their own business, business ownership in the entertainment industry is not only profitable but FUN! Imagine having a job where every day at work is a party. Inflatables are a profitable home-based business with plenty of growth and money-making potential. A business with such a joyful, party atmosphere is easy to get excited about!


One of the huge advantages of a business in the entertainment industry is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Many business owners start out their inflatable business on a part-time basis. Because much of your inflatable work may occur on the weekends, you can retain your full-time job, while building sales and customers. This eliminates much of the risk of starting a new business. Whether your long-term plan for business ownership is to earn some extra cash on the side or eventually replace your full-time job, inflatable ownership is the right track Minimal Risk

There is low start up cash involved in owning an inflatable business. Ownership of many businesses requires small business loans. Ownership of an inflatable business requires minimal capital up front, significantly reducing your financial risk. The demand for inflatables is consistently high with a healthy supply of customers. The party event and rental industry is virtually recession proof. People will always be having parties, and looking for ways to make their events memorable. Inflatables are a great and economical way for your customers to have fun!

The market for inflatables goes far beyond the standard child’s birthday party. While birthday parties are a big market, there are plenty of potential customers at your fingertips. From churches and schools to fund raising organizations and family reunions, the potential for your inflatable business is unlimited.

                                                                                   Affordable Packages for Every Budget


We offer a variety of affordable packages to get you started. If you are looking to start out with a $10,000 investment and upwards, we offer all of the equipment and tools you need to get started.