Delivery Setup Back up Next Day $149

 24 Hours

Remit payment by cash, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover ) upon delivery or when you pick up on the day of your event, no security deposit.

Rental Includes: 


Delivery setup & pick up next day 

1 Qty Gold Metal Snow Cone Machine 

1 Qty Syrup Flavor Of Your Choice Serves 70 People 

70 Qty Snow Cone Cups

1 Qty Scooper

1 Qty Table With TableCloth Linen 

Snow Cone  flavors available

 ( Pink (Bubblegum ) or Blue (Blue Raspberry) 

 Additional supplies available for $12.00 per 60 servings

Summertime’s favorite chill becomes even more appealing with fun flavor combinations like key lime and coconut or orange pineapple. Plus, you can color the ice in red, white and blue by using cherry and blue raspberry flavors.


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